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Gift-That-Blooms by THE GREEN CHAPTER

Seed Pencils Plantable Paper Ecofriendly Gift Set for Boys Girls (Pack of 10) ( London Street Theme )

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★ GIFTS FOR KIDS PACK - Each pack has 1 Plantable Paper Sleeve with 2 seed pencils in it | Total 10 packs in one Box | Packed so beautifully and aesthetically | Ready to gift | Viable for Eco - conscious parents | ★ GIFT THAT GROWS AFTER USE - Plantable Pencils with attractive stylish Seed paper packing for children in various attractive doodles and themes which makes it more convincing for children | Certified - Extra Dark certified 2B Lead & smooth to write | ★ ECOFRIENDLY GIFT FOR CHILDREN - Unique giveaway brings together two amazing products ; seed paper and a plantable The Green Chapter pencil! The whole thing is plantable so the recipients can plant the seed paper packaging and then, after they have used the plantable pencil, they can stick the end of the pencil in soil and watch it grow, too. No waste is left behind, sow and enjoy. ★ UNIQUE | IMPACTFUL | NON-TOXIC GIFTS - Birthday Return Gifts Favors |Festive Giveaways Packs for Diwali Gift for Kids | House Party Giveaways | Birthday Party Favors | Navratri Gift for Girls and Boys | Slide in New year , Christams other themes Hampers for kids ★ WHAT'S IN THE BOX - Creativity & Life skills | 20 Plantable Pencils with 2 eco pencils in each pencil sleeve / holder | Plastic Free packaging | Wood Free & Tree Free Pencil Set | Reduce the carbon footprint & Reuse - Sow after use | ♻ WHY A THOUGHTFUL SWAP ? ★ The Takeaways from choosing ecofriendly gift sets - Makes Writing Enjoyable | Rewarding and Motivating | Promotes Creativity | Develops Passion For Nature | Building Kinder Generations Together With The Green Chapter | Instills Life Skills - Faith & Confidence- Children learn from growing things helps you to have faith and to see beyond ★ Responsibility & Kinder Way of life – from caring for plants Showing Sunlight , Sprinkle Water, Balancing Conditions to make it grow ★ Paitence & Commitment- Nuturing your plant teaches you about commitment ♻ Pencil seeds the Gift set Recycled Paper Pencils for school kids house parties giveaway for children Environment-friendly choices for Birthday favours gifts return designed attractive doodles | Stylish and Colourful Fancy Seed paper Sleeve for kids | Pencils for students for school | Can Be used to Reward Children | Plastic Free Packaging | navratri gifts for girls | return gifts for girls | A DIY Gift for boys can be used for return gifts for boys ♻ Fact Check Over 82000 Trees Cut In a Year To Make 14 Billions of Pencils In The World, These Pencils Are Made From 100% Recycled paper is tightly rolled on the lead to make these pencils. ♻ How to use Plantable Pencils & Seed Paper ? ★ Tear Paper embedded with seeds in bits and put into soil ★ Push the end of the reduced pencil into soil in other pot . ★ Water/Sprinkle it and place it in the sun for sometime everyday . ★ Once the seeds gets right conditions it germinates then Nurture Your little saplings .

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